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Misty Rhett

By coincidence, my husband Jeremy and I called Debi McFerren with Reflections of the Heart to be our wedding photographer. I called her only a few weeks prior to our winter wedding. What a miracle she turned out to be!

I would like to give Debi a glowing recommendation to anyone that is looking for fun beautiful wedding pictures that truly capture the moment! Not only was Debi enthusiastic and creative in helping us pose but she also captured amazing spontaneous action shots. I was also highly impressed with her commitment to spend the entire day with us and her willingness to follow us around in the snow for two hours with a smile on her face.

Within days after the wedding Debi sent us an amazing music video/slideshow. It was evident that she touched up each individual picture with sincerity and passion.

A wedding only lasts a day but photographs last a life-time. Therefore I will be forever grateful to Debi and the phenomenal memories that she has captured for us!

Linda & Paul Weir

Debi and I have been friends for about forty(!) years, so I have watched her interest in photography from the beginning. I've heard about the many classes she has taken and continues to take as she has evolved into a truly world class photographer. It was easy when Paul and I decided to get married to ask Debi to take our pictures. Well...she exceeded even MY wildest expectations. Our slide show and photographs are truly amazing. We are grateful beyond words and would recommend Debi to anyone in need of a photographer for any occasion.

Sean & Amanda Wheaton

We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photography experience! Debbie and Dottie made sure that our input was central to the entire process – from arranging a special engagement photo shoot to each day of wedding picture with our family and friends. We knew they had taken the time to think through how to best document our day and capture the spontaneous and special moments we will remember for a lifetime. We counted on their expertise and experience in wedding photography and we weren’t disappointed! We now have a truly special, beautiful story of our wedding day that we visit often to relive and reminisce upon together. By the end of the experience we felt as if Debbie and Dottie were truly a part of our own family in the sense that they made us feel totally comfortable to be ourselves and were so skilled at capturing our love for each other. We were truly blessed to have them as our photographers and would recommend them highly to anyone in need of photographers to tell the story of their marriage.

Andy & Yani Lindstrom

The very special treatment from Debi and Dottie really made us feel like family. By the wedding day they were our guests and friends who had to work. Yani and I had two photo shoots with the ladies. The first day of photos took place in three locations about month before the Wedding, we had a blast and have great photos.

Yani and I dressed up in our full wedding clothes and our photo crew started in Union Square, Debi arranged for Neiman Marcus to do Yani’s make up, while the Maid of Honor and I posed for pictures all over Union Square. Next was a beautiful photo session for the Bride and Maid of Honor in Neiman Marcus. Finally Yani and I went to the street in Union Square, Debi and Dottie were very professional. We felt like super models, everyone stopped to watch the shoot and many asked if we were professional models. My future bride, the maid of honor and I looked and felt great. Then we packed up and went to Treasure Island.

Treasure Island pictures also came out fantastic even without the audience of Union Square. The Bay Bridge, Treasure Island and the SF Skyline are in the background. We had a nice breeze and got really good photos which really captured the essence of the Bay Area. This lead to the final destination of the pre-wedding photos as we headed off to TUTU.

All I can say about the photos on our Sail Boat named TUTU is WOW! Yani and I have spent many days on TUTU going up and down the Coast to Catalina Island, the pre-wedding pictures.

We were married at a Yacht Club in Alameda and Debi and Dottie were able to have 120 mixture of Pre-Wedding pictures of the happy couple Framed and Dated on the dinner tables for Guest Souvenirs. Not only the framed photos, they made a 20 minute slide show with all of the Pre-Wedding Photos to music on a DVD before the Wedding.

The Wedding Photos, professionally framed pictures, and another 20 minute DVD Slideshow with music of the wedding was ready two weeks after the wedding.

Yani and I are so greatful for the wedding and photo advice from Debi and Dottie. They made it very special and still treat us like family.

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